Disaster Recovery

What is it?

Genesis uses a number of tools to provide disaster recovery services that offer piece of mind that your on-premise or data center infrastructure is safe and ready to use in the event of a natural disaster, facility failure, or data corruption.

Disaster recovery can be as simple as using Veeam to replicate data to our systems which can be used to bring system back up at Genesis or recover to a different facility. This can be a do-it-yourself project or Genesis can assist.

More complex configurations exist where entire sites are replicated with network configurations that allow for individual machines to be recovered, yet can still talk to machines on-premise with no IP changes, or a full site fail-over with possibly 100's of machines. We highly suggest consultation for these large projects.


  • detailed deployment plan - typically 1 to 6 months of planning, unless you know exactly what you want
  • options for simple backup to low-RTO/RPO full-site recovery
  • dedicated technical account manager who has real-world IT experience
  • 24x7x365 support

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